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 I am currently a Professor of Physics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, with a joint appointment between  the Geophysical Institute and the Physics Department.   My research interest is in Space Physics and Aeronomy, using both ground based optical instrumentation and sounding rockets. Most of my observations are conducted from either Poker Flat Research Range or from various locations in Antarctica. In particular, I am interested in the way in which auroral processes and space weather disturb the upper atmosphere , especially its winds and temperatures and composition. Although I have been living in Alaska since 1993, I am an Australian by birth. Prior to coming here, I worked for The Australian Antarctic Division, in both their Space and Atmospheric Sciences and marine science  sections. I also worked as a Senior Lecturer in Physics for the La Trobe University Physics Department between 2004 and 2006, and I still maintain an adjunct appointment there. 

Projects of Interest:

Scanning Doppler Imager Web Site
Alaskan Thermospheric Weather Summary
Real-Time Data From Individual SDI Instruments
Real-Time Data from the Complete Alaskan SDI Network
Condegram Spiral Plots 
Real-Time Digital All-sky and Spectrometer Data 

Real-Time Poker MSP Data

Real-Time PFISR Monitor (inside firewall only) 
Latest 2-Hour PFISR Electron Densities (outside firewall) 
PFISR Data Archive 

Scanning Doppler Image Monthly Data Browser  
Fabry-Perot Observing Log

Aerospace Corp's Alaskan Photometers

NICT Alaska Project 
Geophysical Institute Aurora Forecasts

C-REX-1 Sounding Rocket Experiment 
UAF On-Line Blackboard System